World’s First Futsal Business Conference

On the 6 and 7 September, the World’s First Futsal Business Conference will take place in England at Prenton Park stadium, Tranmere Rovers Football Club. The conference is called the Futsal Focus Network Business Conference in partnership with Tranmere Rovers FC. The conference is bringing guest speakers from around the world to discuss various topics related to Futsal development.

Our mission is to give those with a development and entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to see the future of the footballing format, and what that, could potentially offer them by investing in the sport’s development here in the U.K. or elsewhere. Furthermore, we want to educate the media, business sectors and the public about this thriving sport and the development examples happening in every continent across the globe. Although Futsal benefits Football player development, it also offers an alternative career for players and coaches who find that their skillset or entertainment choice fits more with this 5 a-side format than Football.

Despite this, a growing number of Football clubs are getting involved in the sport such as FC Barcelona, Real Betis, SC Braga, Sporting Lisbon among others and UEFA are revamping and advancing the development of their own competitions as are other confederations of FIFA.
CURRENTLY, WE ARE OFFERING AN EARLY BIRD PRICE until the 30th JUNE. TICKETS for the conference can be purchased here.